• Fault Finding, Electrical Repair and Diagnostics

    Fault finding, Electrical repair and diagnostics

    With more and more electrical equipment being incorporated into vehicles, anything that malfunctions out of warranty can be very expensive to replace.

    In most cases repair of electrical components can be a lot more cost effective than replacing them. Radios, instrument panels, central locking control units are just some examples of what we have successfully repaired in the past. Before you unnecessarily replace broken parts on your vehicle see if AAS can repair and save you money!

    AAS also provide a full diagnostic health check and fault finding service with state of the art diagnostic reading equipment. Through your vehicle on board diagnostic (OBD) system we are able to read, repair and delete faults codes that are present on a wide range of vehicles. This also includes turning out warning lights on your instrument panel including engine management, ABS, airbag and service lights.

    Radio De-code/Repair

    Some manufacturers choose to use security coded radios to protect against theft. This is a great deterrent but if the battery is removed and you don’t hold a copy of your security code retrieving a copy from main dealer can prove costly. AAS can provide a full de-coding service for a smaller fee than many dealerships on all makes and models.

    Fault Finding, Electrical Repair and Diagnostics