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    Security / Immobilisers

    With the ever advancing technology developed by manufacturers, their security systems fail to compete with the aftermarket world. For peace of mind or an insurance requirement alarms and immobilisers can be supplied and fitted to almost any vehicle including commercial vans and trucks.

    If your vehicle has an original central locking remote system then this can also be used to arm/disarm your aftermarket alarm without the need for extra remotes, but still enjoying the peace of mind of added protection.
    If your vehicle has no factory central door locking remotes then an alarm system can be fitted where aftermarket remotes are supplied. This can also incorporate your original central locking (if equipped) so at the click of a button your car is locked and alarmed.

    Security Locks

    AAS supply and fit a range of locks which makes entry to front and rear doors of your vehicle extremely difficult.
    Slam Locks
// Dead Lock
// Exterior Padlocks

    Alarm Accessories

    Single Zone Microwave
Replaces the interior ultrasonics of your alarm system, works exactly the same but allows you to leave windows ajar with no false alarming but still provides interior protection from intruders, this is a great option for convertible vehicles.

    Dual Zone Microwave

    Works as above but protects the outer of the vehicle as well as the inner.

    Tilt Motion Sensor
Wheel theft is very common and this digital tilt sensor has the answer.

    Turbo Timer
For older vehicles with a turbo that require a cooling period after driving, simply by pressing a button you can leave your vehicle running, remove the key and arm the alarm.

    Remote Engine Start
At the click of a button on a cold morning your car can be defrosting while you’re still in the warmth of your own home.